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Treasured possessions

That western-style hat on the top shelf of the bureau is a magical storybook. I need only put it on to be spun into the memories of a dozen bird and deer hunts across the high plains of Nebraska, South … Continue reading

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Just take a peep

The peep sight was something else altogether… all you had to do was set the target on top of the front sight post and gently pull the trigger. Plink – the tin can went rolling, and you were convinced you … Continue reading

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Starting over

A random thought clicked in my head: maybe the stock bolts are loose. They were. Protocol says to check this before you even start the scope mounting procedure, but unaccountably I didn’t. So I tightened all three stock bolts to … Continue reading

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Winter acquisitive syndrome

…some part of my brain goes haywire because I cannot hibernate for the next ninety days as so many North Country species do. There is probably some medical term for this phenomenon… …like “emotional compensation for seasonal affective disorder caused … Continue reading

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Riflery – the science and the art II

Brown was not a marvelously good shot…but he could handle his weapon in good workmanlike fashion; and the rifle asks no more.”                — from the novel Brown on Resolution, by C.S. Forester 1899-1966   RIFLERY PART II … Continue reading

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Riflery – the science and the art

To shoot well in the field, you must have complete confidence in your rifle’s ability to put the bullet at exactly the point of aim. Lack of this confidence will undermine your shooting ability more than any other factor. RIFLERY … Continue reading

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Someday never comes

Well, I’m here to tell you now each and every mother’s son, You better learn it fast, you better learn it young, ‘Cause ‘someday’ never comes.             – Lyrics from the song             Someday Never Comes,             written by John … Continue reading

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Fathers and sons

Every man learns the trade of fatherhood through a series of on-the-job-training blunders and successes, and he has few resources to draw on beyond his memory of how his own father raised him. Given the difficulty of the task and … Continue reading

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The 12 gauge .45-70 rifle

     Rifle: (noun) – a firearm, usually hand-held and fired from shoulder level, having a long spirally grooved barrel intended to make a single-projectile bullet spin in flight, thereby increasing its ballistic stability and accuracy over a long distance. … Continue reading

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Project rifles

“Only accurate rifles are interesting.”           – Townsend Whelen (1877-1961),                 rifleman, hunter, soldier,                 outdoorsman and writer Project rifles Were it not … Continue reading

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