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Baiting and road hunting

Frantically working 12 to 16 hours every day for a month to harvest corn in the hilly North Country, it was bound to happen: a corn spill on our dead-end road. We sympathized with the truck driver. Our road is … Continue reading

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4 points to the 9th power equals zero

The four-point buck was standing right below Heather’s ladder stand at the edge of the woods. About 11 feet away, as evidenced by the trail camera photo. A clueless yearling fork horn, just loafing along. Couldn’t possibly miss this shot. … Continue reading

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One more river to cross

One more river to cross There were no more options. My only choice was to slide the deer over the sheer 10-foot bank of the Trout River, let it drop onto the narrow strip of gravel at the river’s edge, … Continue reading

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Old stories never grow old

        Old stories never grow old         Stop me if I’ve told you this one,” he says, though he knows he has, and knows I never will. Each telling of the story from sixty … Continue reading

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Missed shots

Hunting stories almost always end with the writer describing the limit of birds in the bag, the size of the antlers on the buck hanging from the pole, the 20-inch smallmouth bass in the net, or the incredible shot that … Continue reading

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A nice old rifle

Gunsmiths retire. Some of the best ones – master craftsmen who are a blend of artist, metallurgist, woodworker, scientist, ballistician, firearms historian, and avid shooter — labor on and on into their seventies and eighties, probably because we clients plead … Continue reading

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All by myself

  The hunt, and its intended consequence, the kill, are driven by some savage predilection that I have tried to examine and comprehend to no avail. Like the scent of searing red meat on an open fire, the approach of … Continue reading

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A woman in deer camp

Previously, camp etiquette was based on coarse and uncouth behaviors, those all-male enclave traditions that we bearers of the XY chromosome combination learned in junior high school and never progressed beyond. Demonstrative belching and farting, for example. A woman in … Continue reading

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It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth … Continue reading

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We are all suckers for the promise of something that looks greater but turns out to be lesser. The push-up bra, for example. SuperAmmo A beautiful Marlin Model 336 lever-action rifle in .35 Remington caliber resides in the back row … Continue reading

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