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Science and magic

Watching the columns of vapor rise, standing at the crest of our hilltop pasture at sunrise, the world is magical and I want to believe in this magic. I want to be part of it, to blend with, not understand … Continue reading

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Bird hunting in the classic style

More than seventy-five years ago William Harnden Foster, the laureate of ruffed grouse hunting and a principal in the development of grouse dog field trials in New England, observed that trials for quail dogs had become “races,” so specialized in … Continue reading

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Hunting camp faux pas

Friendship is a curious thing. Handle it like crystal and it will become cloudy, turn brittle and soon shatter. Kick it around like a football and it will get scuffed, battered and worn but will still be ready for game … Continue reading

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Fitness, fatigue, and fools

Fatigue makes fools of us all! – Conrad Steele, Ohio State University lacrosse coach, 1967-73 Fitness, fatigue, and fools Lacrosse provided several opportunities for me to play the fool, none more memorable than a full-length, all-out face plant in a … Continue reading

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