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Cleanest pocketknives

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.              – Friedrich Nietzsche Cleanest pocketknives Not to brag, but I have the cleanest and best-maintained bird knives of all … Continue reading

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Schooling Butch

…I do not recommend Jim Pavlec’s method of behavior modification for an aggressive dog. But I do admit that in this particular case it was effective. Schooling Butch Lester Haugland, a dairyman whose farm was eight or nine miles east … Continue reading

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The vagaries of scent

Any information presented here about the phenomenon of scent and the ability of whitetail deer to detect and respond to it is strictly anecdotal, a compilation of my observations and conjecture, not the result of a disciplined scientific study. The … Continue reading

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Jacob and Esau

We live in Jacob’s village, but we yearn to wander with Esau’s tribe. And so we hunt. Jacob and Esau The parable of twin brothers Jacob and Esau, found in the Book of Genesis, is a hunter’s story. Each fall … Continue reading

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Three Guns

You are granted a year’s leave of absence from work and family responsibilities, handed an itinerary of a few dozen hunts across the North American continent, provided with all the necessary equipment, and are sent forth on this dream of … Continue reading

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