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The hunting marketplace

One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted…  If one were to present the sportsman with the death of the animal as a gift he would refuse it. What he … Continue reading

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Plink- vt. (plink; rhymes with sink) [slang, American]: to shoot informal targets such as tin cans with a small caliber rifle or handgun; the word ‘plink’ is an onomatopoeia of the sharp, metallic sound of a small caliber bullet hitting … Continue reading

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I hope the day will be a lighter highway, For friends are found on every road. Can you ever think of any better way For the lost and weary traveler to go?   It seems to me a crime that … Continue reading

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This mud suction-trapped boot illustrates the first step in the traditional North Country ‘squck polka.’ Based on the Russian troika folk dance but performed one-legged with extemporaneous free-form interpretations, the squck polka ends with a lively whoop-and-sploosh maneuver in black, … Continue reading

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

The bottom line is that the advantages of overloaded rounds are largely illusory. In practical fact, the bloody things aren’t worth either the expense or the discomfort. And they are discomfortable in the extreme. So what good are 30 percent … Continue reading

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Just for the hull of it

Shotshell hulls of many different brands and configurations show up in the reload pile, but I use only Winchester AA hulls. This is a narrow, biased, personal prejudice.  Forty-plus years of reloading has given me a terminal case of OFS … Continue reading

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