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One perfect bird

One perfect bird is far, far more rewarding than a limit of fortuitous birds, and the recollection of the hunt for that bird will strike sparks in your memories of great moments afield long after dozens of easily brought-to-bag birds … Continue reading

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Of trout, chubs, and shiners

In a way the small brook, the pond, the river, and the sea are all the same to the fisherman. They are places for the imagination to play – a bass by every stump, a trout behind every stone, a … Continue reading

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Ready, aim, FIRE!

The ancient Greek philosophers named earth, air, water, aether and fire as the foundation of all things in the world. I know the concept of those classic elements was dashed by modern science, but they still seem to hold true … Continue reading

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Sub-sonic Coot

Sub-sonic .22 Long Rifle loads are, in theory, more accurate than super-sonic high velocity loads because of some aerodynamic “disruptions” that affect the flight of the faster bullet as it decreases from super-sonic to sub-sonic speed during the course of … Continue reading

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The vultures of spring

The vulture’s redeeming feature is its graceful flight… If only we could lift away from Earth with that effortless freedom and look down from above upon the springtime beauty of this land. The vultures of spring Harbingers of spring, swallows … Continue reading

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