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Culvert cleaning

In the event of thunderstorms and torrential rains, check that the culvert is open and the gush of runoff water is flowing unobstructed through the pipe! And because of the changing climate, we are now frequently beset by thunderstorms and … Continue reading

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Tick Talk

This has been an especially bad year for ticks. Well, from the tick’s point of view, this would be regarded as an especially good year for ticks, but for humans and dogs it has been a constant nuisance. As if … Continue reading

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Musical Scopes

Remember first grade and the vicious, competitive game called Musical Chairs? The rules of the game: children marched to martial music in a circle around an array of chairs, and when the music stopped they had to scramble to find … Continue reading

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Trail cameras, grounds blinds, and ladder stands

Logging. That was the problem. And all those skidder roads the loggers had cleared through the woods. Those were the obvious excuses for my dismal hunting results during last year’s deer seasons. We had our woodlands selectively logged, about 45 … Continue reading

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