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Beulah Fern hated smearcase. Hated it worse than fried mush, worse than turnip greens, hated everything about it: the way it tastes, smells, looks, feels in her mouth. Schmeirkase, the Germans call it. Scotch-Irish Appalachia white trash called it smearcase, … Continue reading

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Orin’s farm girl

Mary Martha died at thirty-two, three years after her husband was killed in a tractor roll-over accident, leaving two children, a girl fourteen and a boy ten, with the only close-by family able to take them in being her sister … Continue reading

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Greek Oracle

Greek Oracle The Greeks, did they see it in the stars? Feel it in the tremblers within the earth? Read it in dark omens of the gods? These Hellenes, after conquering and ruling all the world that mattered for a … Continue reading

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