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Substantial Gus

Gus is large. The largest dog ever to visit our home. I have given him a nickname: Substantial Gus. A cross-bred mix of German shepherd and Collie, Gus weighs seventy-five pounds. He is not quick or agile, but he does … Continue reading

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Spiritual journey

  From a historical perspective, the spiritual journey is always tragic, for it is a lonely path fit only for individuals rather than for entire societies. – Yuval Noah Harrari from his book Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow Spiritual … Continue reading

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Building a box

It was not my intention to write a COVID-19 pandemic story, but all stories are pandemic stories now. Every story is told in the shadow of the coronavirus. We all live with apprehension, unease, a foreboding that something will happen … Continue reading

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Online cigars

Did you know that you can order cigars online? That seems obvious, of course, but it never occurred to me. I was under the misapprehension that tobacco products had to be purchased over the counter where a proof-of-age verification was … Continue reading

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Curative for April’s COVID-19 blues

    UNDER BRIGHT BLUE morning skies Abbey and Gus and I wandered to the west side of the hayfield where I watched a pair of soaring eagles while both dogs dug for gophers. By the time we returned to … Continue reading

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