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September ablutions

Ablutions (əˈblo͞oSHənz) – the act of cleansing oneself or a sacred object as in a religious rite; Middle English; from Latin ablutio(n-), from abluere, from ab- ‘away’ + luere ‘wash.’ The original use was as a term in alchemy meaning … Continue reading

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Squirrel woods

The world does not owe me a squirrel woods on my doorstep, especially since I have given not one moment’s thought to squirrels while designing and implementing all the wildlife habitat projects on our place, but I rue the loss … Continue reading

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One-hole groups

One-inch groups (let alone one-hole groups) are pretty, but the hunting rifle does not really need that degree of accuracy. As a hunting companion once said, “If your rifle can shoot a three-inch group at 100 yards, any deer you … Continue reading

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Honor among thieves

All bird hunters are jealously possessive of their birds – or their best bird coverts, at any rate – and they would more willingly tell the IRS all their sources of income than reveal the location of good bird ground. … Continue reading

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Molly’s grouse

Deep inside, Molly knew that she could tug my heartstrings and do anything, get away with anything, and be forgiven, because my soul held her in an embrace more needing and more desperate than a shipwrecked sailor clinging to a … Continue reading

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Dove tales

Only doves love summer and perhaps that is why I am not as fond of them as I am of other game birds. I love shooting and eating doves – just not their choice of weather. – from Upland Bird … Continue reading

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