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Squirrel dog

After a three-day rain Abbey and I went squirrel hunting. In truth, we went into the dripping, soggy woods to scout for deer trails, scraps, and rubs. Although I slung my .22 rifle over my shoulder I had no intention … Continue reading

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Squirrel hunt

Squirrel hunt The text message from my surrogate niece Heather was a flash of light from the heavens, the swell of the Hallelujah Chorus, the burst of a pheasant taking wing. Her son wants to come to the farm for … Continue reading

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Squirrel woods

The world does not owe me a squirrel woods on my doorstep, especially since I have given not one moment’s thought to squirrels while designing and implementing all the wildlife habitat projects on our place, but I rue the loss … Continue reading

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