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The nursery is off limits

…this wonderful encounter with a small miracle, this tiny fawn in the hayfield, lifted my spirits and gave me renewed hope that a mad, mad world may yet come to its senses and brighter days are ahead. The nursery is … Continue reading

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A report from the Wapsi

Ten years ago, when a hundred thousand acres of North Country farmland was enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, who could have guessed that we would ever again drive more than five or ten miles to go bird hunting? These … Continue reading

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Killing dragons

…after the recoil, all I could see past the muzzle was a perfect halo of feathers… Ratnose says there is beauty in killing, and of course he’s right.    – from the novel Blood Sport – A Journey up the … Continue reading

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It’s a drag

After an hour’s labor and a gallon of sweat, I had reached a profound and intimate understanding of the roots and derivation of that oft-used phrase, “My butt is dragging.” It’s a drag Standing silhouetted on the edge of the … Continue reading

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The situation in Pierre

“The prairie skies can always make you see more than what you believe.”              ― from the novel The Past Never Ends by Jackson Burnett The situation in Pierre Fort Pierre National Grassland, dead smack … Continue reading

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Red in tooth and claw

In the presence of the storm, thunderbolts, hurricane, rain, darkness, and the lions, which might be concealed but a few paces away, he felt disarmed and helpless.             ― from In Desert and Wilderness, by … Continue reading

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Shoulder to the wheel

I did not mind killing anything, any animal, if I killed it cleanly. They all had to die and my interference with the nightly and seasonal killing that went on all the time was very minute and I had no … Continue reading

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