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Best birthday present ever

Autumn of 1987. A stressful time of my life. Work issues. We have all been there. I was in desperate need of something to lift my spirits. Lunch hour, as I was walking to the weight training room on campus … Continue reading

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Heat index

Before nine o’clock in the morning the temperature had risen to 82 degrees, dew point was 77 degrees, and humidity was 97 percent This day in the last week of July was heating up to surpass a 103-degree heat index. … Continue reading

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Sturdy sheep

NEARLY 50 YEARS have passed since I last tended sheep. A lot has changed over those 50 years. Almost everything, in fact: technology, scientific research, medicine, education, industrial production, communication, transportation, international trade, sports, music, entertainment… Sheep, not so much. … Continue reading

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Major League Baseball takes a hit

Major League Baseball ain’t what it used to be. The style of play of the game that “used to be” – its philosophy, practice, execution, strategy, tactics, daring, anticipated action, and excitement – have been replaced by a mundane game … Continue reading

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