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Project rifles

“Only accurate rifles are interesting.”           – Townsend Whelen (1877-1961),                 rifleman, hunter, soldier,                 outdoorsman and writer Project rifles Were it not … Continue reading

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Touching The Wall

Touching The Wall Touching “The Wall” – the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. – proved to be one of the most profound and most agonizing experiences of my life. We did not go to Washington solely for that … Continue reading

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Skunks, Part 2: North Country Skunks

A skunked dog bath recipe that really works: Two pints of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide One-fourth cup of baking soda One tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent One pair of sturdy rubber gloves One gallon of water Directions: put on … Continue reading

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Skunks and other Texas observations

Texas has lots of skunks.  Skunks refers to the members of the mephitidae family of carnivorous mammals, not to Texas good ol’ boys, lawyers, land speculators, livestock rustlers, oil business tycoons, politicians, or preachers.  No, I am referring here to … Continue reading

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Annie – too much dog

After twenty-five years experience raising, training and hunting English springer spaniels, I had the misguided belief that every dog had innate desire to bond with its owner, to become a loyal and affectionate partner, to work together as a team … Continue reading

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