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A double whammy. A late November weather front swept in from the southwest today, bringing its rain-sleet-snow announcement that winter has come to the North Country and will hang on like a long-term visitor. That is to be expected, but … Continue reading

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Night sky poems

Shot down in flamesOn clear sky winter nightsI touch certain bright starswith the tip of my index finger,one eye closed as if sighting a rifle.Not a single one has ever fallento the shot of my ocular bullet butI have seen … Continue reading

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Abbey is in there — somewhere

Snow, freezing rain, and a 15-degree cold front swept across the North Country this week, a gift from the Dakotas so that we would not feel excluded from the party. I was perfectly willing to stay in the Clubhouse, read, … Continue reading

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To understand a man…

“To understand a man you have to know what was happening in the world when he was twenty.” That saying is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), the most famous military and political leader in the history of France. In point … Continue reading

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Rooster pheasant’s death attributed to leucism

A white-headed rooster pheasant! That was the thought that flashed through my brain when the bird took wing ahead of the “point-track-and-creep, point-track-and-creep” stalking work of my French spaniel Abbey through thick native grasses and marsh grass groundcover of a … Continue reading

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