Dispatches from a Northern Town is written by Jerry Johnson, curmudgeon and author of novels, short stories, memoirs, social and political commentary, and fiction and creative non-fiction essays about bird hunting, bird dogs, bird guns, and outdoor life in the North Country.  Now retired, he is a former newspaper reporter, photographer, editor, columnist, and college public relations director.  His novels and collections of short stories, essays, and poems are available in paperback and kindle editions amazon.com.

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  1. Bob Eloranta says:

    I just now found your sage advice after your reply to my daughter”s, Behind the willows, blog. My first glance at your post revealed your distain for hunting without a dog. Hunting without a dog is like dancing alone…in the dark…with no music; Why would you even try to enjoy that! The absense of dog as a hunting partner diminishes bow hunting ,the deer gun season ,and all of the various fishing outings. As I continue to cherish these various diversions they would be divine if I only involve my Buzz the Brit and Misty my English Setter. The dogs as so driven to improve my outings,but alas as John Gierach has said there is no fishing dog. Perhaps in another life that will be rectified. Bob

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