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Lefever Nitro Special

Take you a workingman’s lass and polish her bright as brass; Dress her in such finery as she never hoped to see.  But in truth, oh how it hurts, you’ll find ’neath silken skirts, She’s plain Judy O’Grady, not the … Continue reading

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Graceful double guns

If there’s bird hunting in heaven – Grouse, woodcock, quail, pheasant, and Huns – Son, you can take this as Gospel: God blesses sixteen gauge double guns.   Don’t offer me an over/under, Semi-autos and pumps don’t abide, Keep your … Continue reading

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Red elm

White elm burns like rotten mold; Flames that sputter low and cold. Red elm burns both hot and bright; A steady fire all through the night. – Clement Seagrave To heat your home with a wood stove, you have to … Continue reading

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One-trick pony

You can get through life as a one-trick pony – if it is a really good trick.                     — Clement Seagrave Soldier, cowboy, fireman, policeman, fighter pilot.  Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. From … Continue reading

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Launching a blog.  Dispatches from a Northern Town.  Who writes these dispatches?  A curmudgeon.  Bird hunter and dog trainer; indifferent wing shot. Retired journalist and college public relations director.  Novelist and short story writer.  Freeholder: 50-acre farm with 130-year-old log … Continue reading

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