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Curmudgeon. Bird hunter and dog trainer; indifferent wing shot. Retired journalist and college public relations director. Novelist and short story writer. Freeholder: 50-acre farm with 130-year-old log house. Husband, father, grandfather. Retired teacher, coach, mentor. Vicious editor. Blogger.

A Slow Walk Through The North Country

Building a box seemed the appropriate thing to do. To mark the publication of my 12th book, I constructed a wooden box to display the three novels and the five bound collections of essays, short stories, and poems in the … Continue reading

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Iowa — a good old state

Iowa is a good old state — quite literally. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 527,000 of us old folks, age 65 or older, live in the state: 17.5 percent of Iowa’s population of 3.1 million. That is only … Continue reading

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We taught China a lesson

Now that the COVID pandemic is subsiding in most First World countries (barring a resurgence caused by a mutated strain of the virus that erupts in Third World countries), we are returning to a more normal pace of life after … Continue reading

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Facts vs. ‘The Truth’

In my former life as a journalist, a newspaper reporter, a Knight Errant of the most chivalrous of professions, I was eager to do battle with the Dragons of the Realm of Falsehoods, the firedrakes that were the scourge of … Continue reading

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A new approach

Hanging the steel gate was the easy part. The hard work was clearing the new approach into the South Ravine Pasture. Each sub-section of our North Country farm has acquired a name, an identity, over the previous 35 years: the … Continue reading

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Fire in the compost bin!

We burned the compost bin in January. Not intentionally, but accidently. We never much liked that bin. Maybe we burned it accidently-on-purpose. Early one morning I cleaned the ashes out of the woodstove, shoveled them into a steel pail, and … Continue reading

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High-tech snowshoes

Tradition is an anchor that secures my life in safe harbor in time of storm and keeps me from crashing onto the leeward rocks when winds of change blow strong. But at times tradition is a dead weight that holds … Continue reading

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Two triggers

“BECAUSE there are two barrels.” Several years ago, I had the pleasure of shooting a course of sporting clays in Texas with the sales representative of an Italian gunmaking company. As I remember, he broke 94 targets out of 100. … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Groundhog day has long passed, more than a week ago, but canny old Punxsutawney Phil was spot on with his prediction of six more weeks of winter. A Polar Vortex escaped its whirl around the Arctic and dropped down across … Continue reading

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Project Gun Syndrome

HELLO. My name is Jerry, and I have PGS. Project Gun Syndrome. Each winter, for as many winters as I can remember, I have devoted my shut-in time to tinkering with a project gun. Some of these projects have been … Continue reading

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