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Curmudgeon. Bird hunter and dog trainer; indifferent wing shot. Retired journalist and college public relations director. Novelist and short story writer. Freeholder: 50-acre farm with 130-year-old log house. Husband, father, grandfather. Retired teacher, coach, mentor. Vicious editor. Blogger.

Death Song

A three-mile walk north of a two-lane road through the Nebraska Sandhills transports me to another plant. Or perhaps the planet Earth as it was three hundred years ago. Pausing at the top of a high dune, I can view … Continue reading

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Prairie grouse extinction

First the bison, now the sharptail grouse and prairie chickens. Animal species that have disappeared from the Nebraska Sandhills are legion. I hoped that remnant populations of prairie grouse, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, prairie dogs, badgers, jackrabbits, western meadowlarks, and … Continue reading

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Biking with Cumberra

Maintain speed. That is the most important lesson I have learned in my first few days experience riding a recumbent bicycle. To slow down is to wobble, then weave, then wreck. Fortunately, the wrecks are much less dangerous for body … Continue reading

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The river as weaver

Sweltering winds are gusting on this cloudy day in late August, trying their best to dissuade me from my walk around the perimeter of our hay field with my French spaniel Abbey. Humid and heavy, the mid-morning air wraps me … Continue reading

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Crazy Urban Coot

Eventually this moment had to come, this decision had to be made, this new direction in life had to be taken. For 37 years we have loved living on our farm, caring for this land, grooming a small island of … Continue reading

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Crystals and gargoyles

Our memories are dreams, crystals mounted in sets of elegantly craftedgold and silver that we take from velvet-lined folds in our minds,always warm and shining in our hands, bright treasures that we touch to our lips, our nose, our eyes, … Continue reading

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Taking heart: A return from my hiatus

Eight and one-half years. After eight and one-half years I felt it was the right time to take hiatus from writing essays, short stories, and poems to post on my Dispatches from a Northern Town blog site. The writing break … Continue reading

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Latest book

My latest book, Coot Shoots – A Crazy Old Coot’s Anthology of Hunting and Shooting Stories and Essays, was published June 1. Available in paperback and kindle editions at:

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Hotwires, insulators, and sheep

Strange weather the past few days. The skies wouldn’t quite rain, and won’t quite stop raining. There are weeks when you concede that working in the mud is the only option. The task was erecting a hotwire to front the … Continue reading

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April Fools snowfall

The weather gods waited until late on the night of April 1 to play an April Fools prank. We awoke to discover a two to three-inch snowfall across the North Country. Was this because I removed the snowblower head from … Continue reading

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