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File marks

File marks Look closely and you may see them: file marks. The faint traces of file marks are barely visible on the water table of this old Lefever Nitro Special 12 gauge double gun. The marks are the final cuts … Continue reading

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She goes where you hold her

“You shot real nice with that little bitty gun,” he said. “She’ll go where you hold her, won’t she?”            – from Mister Howard Was a Real Gent, a short story in the collection titled The … Continue reading

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Falling into a pattern

Call me eccentric, call me crazy, but I see no sense in measuring patterns at 40 yards because I seldom shoot at game birds at that distance. I want to know the pattern data at 25 yards – the distance … Continue reading

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Riflery – the science and the art

To shoot well in the field, you must have complete confidence in your rifle’s ability to put the bullet at exactly the point of aim. Lack of this confidence will undermine your shooting ability more than any other factor. RIFLERY … Continue reading

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Doing penance

Sasha, learned years ago that my “put it up” command meant she could release from point and cautiously flush the bird. Abbey and I have not yet established this bit of teamwork. She will not break her point, so I … Continue reading

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Pernicious pump guns

“…if I only had one gun to go ducking with, it would have to be a pump.” “I’d rather look good shooting than have what I’m shooting look good!”  – from Shotgunner’s Notebook, a collection of essays by Gene Hill … Continue reading

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Newton’s Third Law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  – Newton’s Third Law of Motion Newton’s Third Law Isaac Newton was a physicist, not much devoted to the study of human behavior, but I find his Third Law of … Continue reading

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