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Balancing act

After a recent comedy of errors performed in the course of a mid-morning pheasant hunt in the North Country (read Seven shotshells), Abbey and I were due for a karmic balancing act, an opportunity to enjoy an exciting and uplifting … Continue reading

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Doing penance

Sasha, learned years ago that my “put it up” command meant she could release from point and cautiously flush the bird. Abbey and I have not yet established this bit of teamwork. She will not break her point, so I … Continue reading

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The Eight Commandments

O Bird Dog, companion and partner of man, when thou heareth the voice or whistle of thy master thou shalt listen and obey The Eight Commandments. The Eight Commandments Rick Smith, a professional trainer that I regard as one of … Continue reading

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Punker Spaniels

My dog clipping is, admittedly, a bit uneven. Perhaps ragged. Okay – scruffy. When I plied my trimming skills on six generations of English springers, my younger daughter used to call the look “Punker Spaniel.” Punker Spaniels Each May and … Continue reading

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One good dog

I was twelve years old the first time I ever shot a bird on the wing over a pointing dog, and it was by far the best thing that had ever happened in my life. I still remember standing there … Continue reading

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