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Something in the human psyche needs the wolf pack lurking out there in the night to add a bit of terror to our quiet lives, it seems. The wolves are gone, so the villain’s role has been assigned to the … Continue reading

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She goes where you hold her

“You shot real nice with that little bitty gun,” he said. “She’ll go where you hold her, won’t she?”            – from Mister Howard Was a Real Gent, a short story in the collection titled The … Continue reading

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No ifs, ands, or butts

What happened to my butt? When did it disappear? Where did it go? I mean, how can a butt just fade away without me even noticing? No ifs, ands, or butts The third time my sweat pants slipped down this … Continue reading

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Falling into a pattern

Call me eccentric, call me crazy, but I see no sense in measuring patterns at 40 yards because I seldom shoot at game birds at that distance. I want to know the pattern data at 25 yards – the distance … Continue reading

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Winter acquisitive syndrome

…some part of my brain goes haywire because I cannot hibernate for the next ninety days as so many North Country species do. There is probably some medical term for this phenomenon… …like “emotional compensation for seasonal affective disorder caused … Continue reading

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Pheasant autopsies

…it is rare indeed for a pheasant to be shot at distances beyond 40 yards, and rarer still for one to be felled. Most killing shots are less than 30 yards, many less than 25 – even late in the … Continue reading

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