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Winter acquisitive syndrome

…some part of my brain goes haywire because I cannot hibernate for the next ninety days as so many North Country species do. There is probably some medical term for this phenomenon… …like “emotional compensation for seasonal affective disorder caused … Continue reading

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Fathers and sons

Every man learns the trade of fatherhood through a series of on-the-job-training blunders and successes, and he has few resources to draw on beyond his memory of how his own father raised him. Given the difficulty of the task and … Continue reading

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The moment

You can go back to the place, but you cannot go back to the time.                         – Clement Seagrave The moment In one moment everything changed, and your life was not the same. A door closed, another door opened, and … Continue reading

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Awe and wonder

And each one there Has one thing they share: They have sweated beneath the same sun, Looked up in wonder at the same moon, And wept when it was all done For bein’ done too soon, For bein’ done too … Continue reading

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