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Dog dreams

Dog dreams These cool nights of early autumn unwrap dream presents, untying the ribbons of my first deep and restful sleep since midsummer’s soggy wool blanket of hot and heavy air smothered the North Country and tucked in for a … Continue reading

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Back roads

Naiveté is the headwaters of all rivers of adventure. Back roads The Nelson Place. That is where I should go, I’d been told. I do not remember his first name; maybe Duane. But as promised on the directions hurriedly written … Continue reading

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Bird hunting in the classic style

More than seventy-five years ago William Harnden Foster, the laureate of ruffed grouse hunting and a principal in the development of grouse dog field trials in New England, observed that trials for quail dogs had become “races,” so specialized in … Continue reading

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Canine cabin fever

In the two weeks of sub-zero weather that followed the descent of an Arctic front upon the North Country in January, the wild antics of my French spaniels Abbey and Sasha have destroyed my cherished belief in the legendary canine-human … Continue reading

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Coon pooh

Dogs and people approach things a little differently. For example, I am very fond of pizza but have never had a desire to roll in it. Rolling in more or less odorous things may be somewhat mysterious but I assume … Continue reading

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Old Coots Never Forget

Old Coots Never Forget Don’t forget to buy my latest book this week. Old Coots Never Forget will be available Saturday at Dragonfly Books, 112 West Water Street, Decorah, Iowa. The book is currently available in both paperback and Kindle … Continue reading

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Pheasant autopsies

…it is rare indeed for a pheasant to be shot at distances beyond 40 yards, and rarer still for one to be felled. Most killing shots are less than 30 yards, many less than 25 – even late in the … Continue reading

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