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Looking away

The whitetail doe and her twin fawns served as a distraction, a decoy, that made me neglect the primary objective of my evening hunt. Apparently, as I get older, my focus on the task at hand is more easily diverted. … Continue reading

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Best birthday present ever

Autumn of 1987. A stressful time of my life. Work issues. We have all been there. I was in desperate need of something to lift my spirits. Lunch hour, as I was walking to the weight training room on campus … Continue reading

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July practice

Two days ago, after a week of rainstorms and high winds, a 10-point buck and an 8-point buck, both with antlers still in velvet, were eating blown-down apples under our apple tree. In the middle of the afternoon. Fifty feet … Continue reading

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Broken arrow

Hunting success should not be gratuitous. If you do not earn it, you should take no pride in it. Broken arrow Seeing the broken-shafted arrow at the side of the game trail sparked a memory: for the Plains Indians the … Continue reading

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The vagaries of scent

Any information presented here about the phenomenon of scent and the ability of whitetail deer to detect and respond to it is strictly anecdotal, a compilation of my observations and conjecture, not the result of a disciplined scientific study. The … Continue reading

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Killing dragons

…after the recoil, all I could see past the muzzle was a perfect halo of feathers… Ratnose says there is beauty in killing, and of course he’s right.    – from the novel Blood Sport – A Journey up the … Continue reading

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It’s a drag

After an hour’s labor and a gallon of sweat, I had reached a profound and intimate understanding of the roots and derivation of that oft-used phrase, “My butt is dragging.” It’s a drag Standing silhouetted on the edge of the … Continue reading

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Shoulder to the wheel

I did not mind killing anything, any animal, if I killed it cleanly. They all had to die and my interference with the nightly and seasonal killing that went on all the time was very minute and I had no … Continue reading

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