Life in the time of pandemic


The Executioner's Face

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Don’t want to say “I told you so!” but life in the time of pandemic was predicted in my novel The Executioner’s Face.
The ravages of a highly infectious disease, the horrific mortality rates, the implosion of the world’s economic system, the collapse of democratic governments, the outsourcing of the justice system, the work camps for minor lawbreakers, the vast division between the haves and the have-nots… the complete disaster.



“America has outsourced its criminal justice system, and the professional executioner of the Bureau of Justice and Corrections Services is the paladin of corporate law enforcement. Termination Operative Sean Callahan is a 12-year veteran with the BJCS in a dystopian Chicago in 2045. The Bureau’s best TO, and its most troublesome, he is unwillingly paired with a young but street-hardened rookie, Abril Desanya, to teach her the skills of the executioner’s trade, and their antagonistic relationship develops into a guarded love affair. Callahan violates BJCS protocol to investigate a troubling termination and discovers evidence of pervasive corruption – putting his life, and Desanya’s, in peril.”

To be fair, the current COVID-19 coronavirus is neither as virulent nor as deadly as the pandemic that I, as a fiction writer, prophesied in Executioner, and the year that the apocalypse killed billions was predicted to be 2026. Also, the health and economic and social disruptions caused by the current pandemic, bad as they are, will not come close to the devastation of the fictional catastrophe.

Still, there is the foreboding of things to come. And the clock is ticking toward 2026.

Immodestly, I suggest The Executioner’s Face as a good read during these weeks of self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine. You may find it disturbingly familiar.

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The book is also available in both paperback and Kindle editions through Amazon at:


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4 Responses to Life in the time of pandemic

  1. russiababy1 says:

    I read The Executioner’s Face some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Indeed, many writers’ works are prophetic, especially science fictions. One of these days I will put my hands on the book.

  3. You know I love this one. 🙂

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