Coot Dogs – An Anthology of Dog Stories by a Crazy Old Coot


Coot Dogs – An Anthology of Dog Stories by a Crazy Old Coot.

And just in time for Christmas. The latest of five books in the Old Coot series is available through Amazon at Coot Dogs.

Although my intention was to first offer the book through independent book stores, this year of pandemic presents enormous problems with that plan. As of December 14, Dragonfly Books in Decorah, Iowa, should have a small stock of the books available.

My inspiration for creating this anthology – I suppose it could best be called an “inspiration” – was a frequent reader of my blog, Dispatches from a Northern Town. That reader contacted me via email to say he always enjoyed my stories and essays about bird dogs. The rest of my writing, he said, was rather “meh…”

That got me to thinking: maybe this was a significant consumer sample. If many of my readers regarded my dog stories as good reading (and the rest of my writing as meh…) it would behoove me to assemble a collection strictly of those canine stories.

There are more than 40 written over the past 10 years, and I carefully (okay, loosely) organized them by categories: Days Afield, Days of Laughter, Days of Tears, Training Days, and Poems and Stories. Many of these stories have been published in the previous Coot books:  Crazy Old Coot, Old Coots Never Forget, Coot Stews, and A Limit of Coot

A few have been previous published in my two North Country books: North Country Tales, and A View from the North Country

Two are chapters from my novel Hunting Birds.

But readers will not have to suffer through the “meh” essays and stories to get to those of better quality. I hope you will enjoy them.

Wishing you a Coot Dogs merry Christmas from a Crazy Old Coot.


About Jerry Johnson

Curmudgeon. Bird hunter and dog trainer. Retired journalist and college public relations director. Former teacher, coach, mentor. Novelist and short story writer. Husband, father, grandfather.
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5 Responses to Coot Dogs – An Anthology of Dog Stories by a Crazy Old Coot

  1. Sara Friedl-Putnam says:

    Just ordered a copy!

  2. As always, I am so very proud of you!

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