Aurora, goddess of the dawn

Let me explain how this works. It’s not at all complicated. Sometimes when you least expect it, there is a new beginning, a new hope for the future.

Late in life, I have discovered, comes a glow of dawn, a rising of the sun, a burst of daylight illuminating a dark landscape. Fittingly this end to the long night of a horrific year, this break of the day newborn, is a newborn: our youngest granddaughter named Aurora, the Latin word for dawn and the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology.

Although there is no hint of an ethereal mythos in her strident and demanding yowl; she insists on our recognition of her place in the world, and I for one am willing to grant her that renown.   

Because she is a tiny miracle, a goddess’s gift that has brought me renewal, healing, restoration, a glimmer of remembrance of my youth. Along with diapers to change and midnight feedings.

I was able to meet her, in person, for the first time this week. We call her Rory. Which is an apt and appropriate nickname because she roars. A lot. With my hearing aids shut off, that is not an issue. And, to me anyway, Aurora’s cry is a song of celebration of this new dawn in my life.

There is another song of that celebration: Richie Haven’s rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison of the Beatles.

I have been singing it. A lot. Every day when I wake in the morning. My aches and pains and anxiety and sense of foreboding all seem to vanish in Aurora’s light.

That’s how it works for me now. It’s not complicated.


About Jerry Johnson

Curmudgeon. Bird hunter and dog trainer. Retired journalist and college public relations director. Former teacher, coach, mentor. Novelist and short story writer. Husband, father, grandfather.
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10 Responses to Aurora, goddess of the dawn

  1. rondalynk says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the new dawn In your life! She will love reading this someday!

  2. Bob Wilson says:

    Congratulations! I also like the energy Havens brings to “Here Comes the Sun”, and most all of his music. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert at Luther. Listening to his enthusiasm is moving; seeing it…exhilarating.

  3. russiababy1 says:

    What a beauty, and perfectly named. I’m so happy for you!!!!

  4. Thanks, RussiaBaby. Aurora is a much-needed positive force in my life.

  5. Nancy says:

    I’m in the same state of glorious bliss, due to Aurora! Thanks for putting it into words.

  6. She’s so cute. I know how you feel to hold a new grandkid. I have two.

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