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I believe that our attraction to art – to stories and songs – is because the best of them resonate with and go some way to help explain the eternal mystery of why we exist and why we have turned out the way we have. A great song can be a pilgrim’s companion and staff as we navigate through life’s slalom ride of fate and happenstance attempting to fashion a connected, meaningful life.
– Thom Hickey, from his blog The Immortal Jukebox, essay post titled Ordinary (Extraordinary) Stories

Best reading

The age of digital communication and information is both a blessing and a curse. We have access to some of the best writers, and we can read the incredible creative fiction and non-fiction they produce, most of it free and instantly available. Unfortunately, we have to invest much time and energy into the search for these stellar writers because we are inundated by a flood of poor-to-mediocre writing.

I want to speed your search. Read this blog: The Immortal Jukebox by Thom Hickey. You will be doubly rewarded. His prose is best-of-the-best, and he posts audio and video recordings of the music he describes and analyzes.

Visit his blog. You will be glad you did.

st of the best

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